What does the audit log do

  • 1st I have absolutely no idea what this audit log is used for and what happens after clicking "Audit".
  • 2nd I did so and the domain wasn´t put in /etc/pihole/auditlog.list cause I think meanwhile there was a change in Pi-hole for using some kind of database instead of those files, right?

So: where did the "audited" domain go?

  1. The audit log shows all domains that have not been audited. You can audit each domain in the sense of "I'm aware of this domains and it should not show up in this list again". This is helpful to detect "new" domains that pop up in your logs.

  2. It goes to the sqlite database /etc/pihole/gravity.db in the table domain_audit

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Is there a way to view or delete these in the admin page? What if someone miss clicked? Asking for a friend =].

It's not possible form the web interface but from command line.

nanopi@nanopi:~$ sqlite3 /etc/pihole/gravity.db -header -column "Select * from domain_audit;"
id          domain         date_added
----------  -------------  ----------
1           ping.ubnt.com  1602996377

nanopi@nanopi:~$ sudo sqlite3 /etc/pihole/gravity.db "Delete from domain_audit where id =1;"

nanopi@nanopi:~$ sqlite3 /etc/pihole/gravity.db -header -column "Select * from domain_audit;"