What does pihole -t do

What does a t option do? A quick search of the docs failed to find the answer

Just browse through the topic I've linked - it's explained there. :wink:

In particular:

The Pi-hole Query Log

You can view the log in real time as it happens using pihole -t . Run this command while you browse to the site that is showing ads. As the page loads up, watch the output in your terminal to track down what domains are being queried.

(quoted directly from that topic)

I still see nothing that explains the -t option.,...

dan@raspberrypi:~ $ pihole
Usage: pihole [options]
Example: 'pihole -w -h'
Add '-h' after specific commands for more information on usage

Whitelist/Blacklist Options:
  -w, whitelist       Whitelist domain(s)
  -b, blacklist       Blacklist domain(s)
  --regex, regex      Regex blacklist domains(s)
  --white-regex       Regex whitelist domains(s)
  --wild, wildcard    Wildcard blacklist domain(s)
  --white-wild        Wildcard whitelist domain(s)
                        Add '-h' for more info on whitelist/blacklist usage

Debugging Options:
  -d, debug           Start a debugging session
                        Add '-a' to automatically upload the log to tricorder.pi-hole.net
  -f, flush           Flush the Pi-hole log
  -r, reconfigure     Reconfigure or Repair Pi-hole subsystems
  -t, tail            View the live output of the Pi-hole log

Or man pihole to see the documentation on the Pi-hole itself, or, as Bucking_Horn pointed out:

How do I determine what domain an ad is coming from? - FAQs - Pi-hole Userspace

Or my personal favorite, run pihole -t and see what it does.


Thank You !

That "man" command is useful btw. You can use it for any command in bash.

man cron would do the same for cron, for example. Along with apropos, it's one of the more useful commands.

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