What does "Neutrino emissions detected" mean?

Pihole seems to be working great on a little ubuntu server I just brought up.

During the install in big bold letters is “Neutrino emissions detected” - I figured because it was bold, it must be important, but when I searched for it in the forums all I found was people’s debug logs…

What does “Neutrino emissions detected” mean?


It’s a reference (like much of the naming related to Pi-hole) from Star Trek (just like FTLDNS = Faster Than Light DNS - where FTL was used as comparison for the Warp Drives in Star Trek) .

It actually translates into “Block lists have new entries”.

Thanks for the quick reply!

That’s why Pi-hole is also called a "black hole for internet advertisements" and logs are loaded to "tricorder"

Star Trek fans :wink:


Yup. This message is 100% my doing. :smile:

And just for posterity’s sake, neutrino emissions are detected when the Bajoran wormhole is about to open. So there are some parallels when you are installing Pi-hole because the black hole for Internet advertisements is about to open.


Haha, and I thought you guys poked at an ECC status register somewhere…