WebUI for clustered Pi-hole


Hello everyone,

I’m using Pi-hole on multiply servers and I wish to have 1 single panel for all servers.

So I’ve started programming this with help of the API from Pi-hole, I wanted to hear is this the most recent doc on the API and are all still valid and are there any extra calls I should know?

I’ll share my work soon and if you have a suggestion for what else could be on the panel, please let me know.


The best documentation for the PHP API is the code itself, sadly, but that page is mostly correct for all the endpoints it lists.


Thanks for your reply.

Just to make sure, there is 3 API files, right? api.php, api_FTL.php and api_db.php


Yes. The one you are most probably interested in is api_FTL.php. api.php is for general actions like enabling/disabling Pi-hole, and api_db.php is for reading long term data (FTL’s database).


Thank you, I’ll start working on this and let you know how it goes or if I have more questions :slight_smile: