Webbrowsers fail to resolve my server, however ping and curl are successful


Hello folks

I have a local nextcloud server, that (currently) should only be available in the local network. My Setup is a RasPi with pihole installed as DNS Server for the Network. DHCP is done by the router which provides piholes ip as dns-resolver to the clients.

Expected Behaviour:

When I add a ip/hostname combination to /etc/pihole/local.list I expect every dns-query in the network to resolve to the specific ip

Actual Behaviour:

ping and curl are successful in resolving the hostname. Browsers from different devices fail.

additional information and prove can be found in this pastebin: https://pastebin.com/raw/hyJ4TLzV

Debug Token:



Have cleared the DNS cache on the machine and restarted the browser.


/etc/pihole/local.list is overwritten regularly, so use /etc/hosts instead. You also have to restart the DNS server in order for changes to apply: pihole restartdns


jep - I did that but it didn’t fix the error


I tried what you suggested, but the error stays the same :confused:
ssh pi@ works, dig works and responds with the servers lan-ip…only the webbrowsers keep failing in resolving the hostname to the correct ip


The error seems to be in the web browsers then. They are either using a stale cache or different DNS servers. Pi-hole is responding correctly to the queries it receives.


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