Web server issues

Couple of strange issues here..

Firstly, the SSL cert that was working is now throwing an error NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID.

After this error, I changed the domain for Pi-hole in pihole.toml to another domain, which takes you to the login screen, but once logged it, it refreshes about 5-10 times then logs me back out.


Your FTL log shows a lot of unauthorized errors like this:

2023-11-07 21:33:09.367 [933/T2243] WARNING: API: Unauthorized

Did you change the password?

Nope, no password change. It does login me in sucessfuly and I am loaded into the dashboard, but then just loops and logs me out

Did you delete /etc/pihole/tls.pem after you changed the domain? If not, please do so and restart Pi-hole. This will generate a new certificate for the new domain.

I have also noted my dashboard as disabled 2FA and changed my upstream servers? Nothing I have done myself?

Maybe your pihole.toml got corrupted and FTL recreated it with default values?

Yes, that looks like it. The SSL stopped working as it had replaced it back to the old TLS, not the one I had specified. Strange.

This should be fixed by

which ensures config corruption will only send you back one iteration to the last known-to-work configuration instead of writing a configuration altogether anew.

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