Web interface - Alias clients

unless I'm missing something, there still isn't anything in the web interface to manage alias clients.

Since DL6ER indicated this would be part of v6, read here, 2.5 years ago, I'm hoping this is still part of the project...

Thanks for your time and effort.

I don't think he said that. He said

but yes - I forgot about them. But they still do work and are fully supported (just without a nice GUI element). I'm more than happy to take suggestions as to how this GUI element should look like. Yet, I'm moving this to feature requests (but I am implicitly subscribed to this category).

the only place in the GUI where alias clients are visible (v5) is in the dashboard.

but the link doesn't work

In the "client activity over last 24 hours" graph, the alias clients do not even appear (100% sure I was active on the device during that period).

so currently, the only way to retrieve info regarding alias clients is sql queries...

could accept the configuration needs to be done, by adding data to the database, but please, fix the dashboard and the query log in the web interface...