Web GUI still shows V5.5 for Web Interface after update

I ran the 3 pihole checkout commands in the recent post to help test the new Beta. Webpage shows that core and FTL are now the Beta, but Web still says V5.5 on the web GUI.

This is pihole -v

root@pihole:/var/log# pihole -v
Pi-hole version is release/v5.4 v5.3.1-49-ga52a5e7e (Latest: v5.3.1)
AdminLTE version is release/v5.6 v5.5-44-g4e1f7c2 (Latest: v5.5)
FTL version is release/v5.9 vDev-f2560b1 (Latest: v5.8.1)

and this is what's on my webpage:

  • Pi-hole vDev (release/v5.4, v5.3.1-49-ga52a5e7e)
  • Web Interface v5.5
  • FTL vDev (release/v5.9, vDev-f2560b1)

It takes some time to update in the web GUI. Try clearing your bowser cache.

Yep, that was it. Tried a different browser that didn't have it cached, and it showed that the Web Interface was the beta. Thanks!