Web GUI not displaying properly since update

Please follow the below template, it will help us to help you!

Please ensure that you are running the latest version of the beta code.
Run pihole -up to update to the latest, then verify that the problem still exists before reporting it.

Problem with Beta 5.0:
I’ve been running the beta fine for weeks now. Today there was an update to the web interface when I ran pihole -up.
After the update, the web interface does not display “Queries blocked” or “Percent blocked” correctly. See screenshot below.

I have viewed the interface from multiple devices. They are all affected. I have restarted the pi. The issue persists.

Debug Token:

On the client devices, have you cleared the cache and reloaded the page?

Yes, I have cleared the caches on all the devices I have to test the issue with. The problem persists.

Figured it out. Third-party ad-blocking software on my devices also updated today. Some new rule in THAT software was interfering. Turned it off and the page displays fine again.

Please consider this one resolved. Thanks.