Watch Tower Functionality and Community Data

Just a thought I recently had.

With this huge base of pihole users all over the world, interesting data can be gathered on the most invasive surveillance capitalist companies. Also, changes in domains of these ad-serving, tracking and otherwise evil domains can probably be tracked using the pihole userbase.

Has there ever been any thoughts on gathering some sort of aggregated data from pihole users to serve a common community interest?

Based on these data I could tell my pihole that a domain can be added to my black list if a certain percentage of other pihole users also have it... Or digital rights groups could gauge which companies they could publicly shame next for being so evil.

Maybe inspiration can be drawn from the OONI, a project that has a global network to detect internet censorship, the Omnia Turris router that uses the wide distribution of their router as watch towers to detect internet attacks in order to warn to others. Or even the RIPE Atlas Probe..

ps. adding OONI or RIPE Atlas functionality to Pihole could maybe even be a mutually beneficial action and could probably be financed with funding from NLNet.