Warning when running debug from web interface

started a debuglog run from the webinterface, error message in syslog:

lighttpd[5995]: /opt/pihole/piholeDebug.sh: line 1402: read: read error: 0: Invalid argument

This error doesn't appear when running pihole -d.

This part of the code hasn't changed since July 2018 but it makes sense that this should be skipped.

@jpgpi250 I guess you did not check the upload debug log box in the web interface?

Reason is: we supply two variables to the debug script a (automated) and w (web). The check is only skipped if Automated is set, but web seems to be unused.

Clicked on generate a debug log in Tools / Pi-hole diagnosis
Clicked on Generate debug log (didn't check Upload debug log and provide token once finished)


Please check if

pihole checkout core fix/web_debug

fixes the issue.

I got this message after running the checkout:

  [✓] Cleaning up stray matter

lsof: unacceptable port specification in: -i :
lsof 4.93.2
 latest revision: https://github.com/lsof-org/lsof
 latest FAQ: https://github.com/lsof-org/lsof/blob/334c1e51bc96957d1aa3e75124f49ee49c816ccd/00FAQ
 latest (non-formatted) man page: https://github.com/lsof-org/lsof/blob/334c1e51bc96957d1aa3e75124f49ee49c816ccd/Lsof.8
 usage: [-?abhKlnNoOPRtUvVX] [+|-c c] [+|-d s] [+D D] [+|-E] [+|-e s] [+|-f[gG]]
 [-F [f]] [-g [s]] [-i [i]] [+|-L [l]] [+m [m]] [+|-M] [-o [o]] [-p s]
 [+|-r [t]] [-s [p:s]] [-S [t]] [-T [t]] [-u s] [+|-w] [-x [fl]] [--] [names]
Use the ``-h'' option to get more help information.
  [✓] FTL is listening on port
     [✗] UDP (IPv4)
     [✗] TCP (IPv4)
     [✗] UDP (IPv6)
     [✗] TCP (IPv6)

  [✓] Pi-hole blocking is enabled

  [i] The install log is located at: /etc/pihole/install.log
Update Complete!

  Current Pi-hole version is fix/web_debug v5.6-62-gb5814f12
  Current AdminLTE version is v5.9
  Current FTL version is v5.12.1

but when I checked (sudo service pihole-FTL status) pihole-FTL was running ( Active: active (exited) since Fri 2021-12-31 09:04:24 CET; 10min ago)

repeated the actions (see above) that caused the syslog entry.

  • No syslog error
  • the output (in the web browser):

    * The debug log can be uploaded to tricorder.pi-hole.net for sharing with developers only.
[✗]  There was an error uploading your debug log.
   * Please try again or contact the Pi-hole team for assistance.
   * A local copy of the debug log can be found at: /var/log/pihole_debug.log

returned to the master branch.

Thanks for testing!
@yubiuser based his PR on development, you also need FTL on development for this to work.

Thanks for testing.

I forgot that important detail... so many changes lately :smirk:

I added an if clause to skip this error output if the debug script is being called from the web interface and users did not check the "upload debug box". This is not an error but a user's decision.

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