Waipu lags after PiHole installation

Hello there,

I have bought a Pi 4 2 GB for my mother who watches TV via Waipu.TV on an Amazon Fire TV stick.
After the installation of PiHole with the SemperVideo block lists (specials/Blocklisten at master · RPiList/specials · GitHub) she reported that there are small lags while streaming. I can confirm that and sometimes the lags are quite severe so watching TV properly is not possible.
The router used is a FritzBox 7530, DNS server is Google DNS. Internet speed is 100.000 kbit/s so this is not the problem. Without the PiHole, everything runs perfectly.

I can not see any domain that I can whitelist in the query log as almost every domain is green-listed (except for some "spy" domains of e.g. Microsoft from her computer).
I assume that the way DNS query -> PiHole check -> redirection to Google DNS causes a delay.
If I give the Amazon stick a static IP address, is there any possibility to make an exception so the way via PiHole can be prevented? Or do you have any other hints?


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