Vote limit

Why there is a 'limit', I can't vote to any feature requests

What limit message are you getting? We're pretty much running a default discourse install, so we probably need to tweek some things!

There is a limit to vote

Right, I've split this off into the feedback category, so we don't clutter up the other feature!

How many Votes have you cast total, do you know?

OK, reading up about this, there are two threads about it:

I guess the mentality is to limit users to x number of votes, so that they cannot use zombie accounts to vote on every feature they submit. Maybe.

Once features are marked as merged/closed then your votes are released back to you.

Currently @Anudeep, you're a Trust Level 2 user which gives you 10 active votes at any one time. Trust level 3 will double that to 20.

You should also have 8 "Super Votes" which are probably best defined as you saying "THIS FEATURE REALLY IS A MUST" as opposed to "I would like this idea"

Edit: @Anudeep, I have just closed a topic that you previously voted on. Has this given back your vote to you?

You can also go to your account settings and see on which topics you voted.

How 'trust level' is increased?

Total of 10 votes means including 8 super votes?

Yup, I now have 1 vote remaining.

Here's a explanation how the trust levels work.

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Can you close some feature requests which are flagged as 'out of scope'?

I close quite a few earlier today. Do sou still have only one available vote?

Yeah, I can vote and it says that I have 8 super votes left.
Total of 10 votes for trust level 2 means including 8 super votes?

Super votes are in addition to normal votes I believe! (By the way, you're not all that far off level 3)

When does the limit reset on vote?

If you had read the thread...