Verbiage change to Goodlist/Badlist?

I've searched and cannot find an earlier request for this. If I've missed it, please just ignore mine!

It's time to move beyond Black=Bad and Good=White.

I'm not bound to the labels I've suggested, but would like to see this change in the pipeline.

Look further, spend some time here. You'll find it.

We've never used those connotations for the words, our users know that.

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Found it. Thank you. I'm not sure how I missed it earlier.

With regards to "never used those connotations for the words," that's the nature of systemic racism. You don't have to intentionally be a part of the problem.

It seems to me that this could/should easily become something that may be changed via Settings.

Dan Schaper: I cannot reply as commenting is closed. I am in 100% agreement. I did not call you racist and don't think that you are. I simply was arguing to allow the labels to evolve along with the changing attitudes in society.

You don't know me, please do not call me a racist.

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