V6 FTL setting for apple private relay aka mask.icloud.com

Hi there,
I am using v5 with this BLOCK_ICLOUD_PR=false line in pihole-FTL.conf

I recently installed v6 and it works nicely except for the equivalent setting above - where to put? as a dozen or so requests to mask.icloud.com were blocked (had to switch to 4G)

I use Safari/Mail for business and Firefox/Spark for personal stuff so want to disable private relay. Otherwise I have to whitelist for now?


In v6, all configuration should be added to /etc/pihole/pihole.toml.

The new configuration key is:

You should add (or edit) iCloudPrivateRelay = false (around line 268)

The setting of the v5 installation should have automatically been migrated to the new v6 config format. Was BLOCK_ICLOUD_PR=false set before you ran the v6 checkout process?

thanks will try in a minute

I use docker - v5 still runs separately with v6 (beta so can easily switch), fresh install, no migration as the teleporter settings archive are diff