Using the webserver

I set up pihole under Dietpi on a pi 2 and it works fine;

However I have another web based application (HTML only) which I’d like to run on the webserver. I’ve uploaded it to a subdirectory under /var/www/html and it has the same permissions as pihole but it won’t display.

Is it possible (how?) or does pihole want exclusive use of the web server?

OK, I looked a bit harder and the problem is down to the configuration of lighttpd the webserver. My files are .htm rather than .html so when it sees them it causes and error which loads the pihole page.

changing lighttpd.conf to validate .htm in

Cures the problem an it now works.

Most webserver default configs recognise .htm

lighttpd.conf Gets reset next time pi-hole get updated, put the stuff in external.conf

Yeah I read that, I tried putting the commands in the external.conf file and the server would not load, guess its time to RTFM on it and understand it more, previously only used Apache which is somewhat different.

My stuff works but had to change the index.htm to index.html - the other .htm files work. Its a basic control panel to do things like issue WOL packets and access routers, so light internal use only. But handy to have.

Its running on a pi 2b (quad core) which has more than enough power.