Using Raspberry Pi Model 3 for Pi Hole and Print Server at the same time?

Hey guys,

currently i dont know much about python scripting or enithing else. My Pi is running smooth and there are 20gb/enough cpu power to run multiple projects. I want to run a printserver on my pi while pihole is running (or maybe wordpress). Is there a list of thinks i can do with a pi while pihole is runing?

I canot rescript thinks or do thinks like this to change from FTL to whatever to get pihole and wordpress running at the same time so maybe some help wold be nice.

Pihole is a very “lean” program and does not require a lot of resources. You can absolutely run other software beside it.

Here’s a list that pops up occasionally on this Discourse.

It seems the most software is useless for me. There are only reddit links so i dont know what plex and other shit does when no ( ) is there who discribe the function.
A full description would be nice for install and setting up.
I just want to install and run the software couse i get trouble with software i canot deal with it

I’m not sure what you are looking for. You can run a wide variety of software on the same Pi as Pi-Hole (as noted by @badnewsblair above), as long as the ports don’t conflict.

Since this is a Pi-Hole forum. you may not have much success getting assistance setting up other software, particularly software that doesn’t integrate with Pi-Hole for DNS resolution. Your best success path would be forums for whichever software you wish to install, and Google searches for specific topics (i.e. what is a PLEX server -

An example of an install guide for Samba printserver:

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I need the type software which is built up like Pi Hole.

Check for Updates - Installing new Software - set it up like with a kind of Gui - let it run

I do not have the knowledge to intervene in the system. For example WordPress. I am still not known how I solve the problem with FTL and Wordpress if it should run at the same time.
The best way would be if no major interventions are needed to get the software up and running.
I use Windows 10 Pro as the main system. Although I can fix one or the other problem when the Raspberry Pi times makes problems in order to Pi Hole. But not more. The highest of the feelings is the editing of a script by “Sudo nano”.
Can you recommend me a forum which is gennerell suitable for the Pi so that I can first ask around there?

There are several on Reddit. Just note that much of the Linux software is going to require some basic Linux knowledge and understanding of how the operating system works. That is just the nature of Linux.

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