Using PiHole as DHCP Server, What to do?

Hi all,

I've tried searching through all the How-Tos and the Help section of the community but I'm having no luck finding out how to correctly setup DHCP for a home LAN environment.

I've managed to successfully install Pi-Hole onto Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS and went with using Pi-Hole as DHCP since there wasn't a way to change my home ISP router to route WAN DNS through Pi-Hole. Since then, I'm now seeing 3 different identifiers for each of my connected devices that have gotten an IP address from Pi-Hole.

The below is a screenshot of how I've set up DHCP as of right now:

Can someone please guide me on how I should have it set up so that my client list doesn't show 4 different reports for the same device?

I've tried running the debug log "pihole -d" and also generating the debug logs through the webadmin portal but both came back with an error saying there was an error uploading the logs (no error code or anything else to help me identify why this was).

Disable IPv6 support.

(I can barely see the screenshot of the IPs, but it looks like there are IPv6 addresses)

Got it, thanks! (Apologies for the poor screenshot, first time poster)

Also, is there any reason why I would be "unknown" as a Hostname?