Using BLOCKINGMODE=NULL still requires the lighttpd service run on 80?

Basically that.
If I'm using the default blocking mode I still need to run lighttp service that shows the "Website Blocked" message? So far I don't ever get a situation where I get to that page and I think that is because the blocking mode, right?
I would like to move the admin and overall http services out of port 80, and use a reverse proxy to point out to the admin page over port 8080 (or whatever) as the host will share other http internal pages.

No. With NULL blocking mode there is no block page. And, the blocking modes that do provide a block page only do so for http pages and not for https. There are very few http pages on the internet.

If you are using Pi-hole's lighttpd, be aware that lighttdp.conf will be overwritten on Pi-hole updates.

For lighttpd version 1.4.46 or above, you should be able to overwrite the port from Pi-hole's lighttpd.conf in your external.conf like this:

server.port := 8080

Particularly note the := operator (which isn't supported in older versions of lighttpd).

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