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Hello ,

I have been a Pi Hole user for several months and everything works perfectly.

But like various people my system is installing on a VPS server, which exposes my system to the whole world.

I think a function that will ban a client from the interface would be really good to avoid pass command line via SSH.

This would easily filter unwanted clients from the interface from anywhere.

Do you think you would have the possibility to implement this option?

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Bonjour ,

Je suis utilisateur de Pi Hole depuis plusieurs mois et tout fonctionne a merveille.

Mais comme divers personnes mon système est installer sur un serveur VPS , ce qui expose mon système au monde entier.

Je pense qu’une fonction qui permettrai de bannir un client depuis l’interface serais vraiment excellent pour évité de passe en ligne de commande via SSH.

Cela permettrait de filtré facilement les clients indésirable depuis l’interface depuis n’importe ou.

Pensez vous que vous auriez la possibilité d’implémenté cette option ?

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Clients indésirables

You want to limit who can access your pi-hole?

Make a firewall rule to block access, then white-list your IP.


I am unfortunately not good enough in linux for his :cold_sweat::disappointed_relieved:, my last attempt to totally fail and I have to reinstall (complete system)


You should chain the commands. Otherwise you lock yourself out before white-listing your IP.

command1-block && command2-whitelist

Also consider allowing IP range unless you have static IP from internet provider.


Would you have a link or a tutorial to know which exact command to use?


But it could be a plus for Pi Hole to offer the option to block or not users on the DNS service.

This option would allow novices like me to use this wonderful software even more easily.


Best is to use VPN to access pihole:


We do not support installing Pi-hole in an open resolver configuration. We make that rather known and provide information on how to run Pi-hole remotely without opening it up to abuse and attacks from the public internet. We will not be adding any features that involve firewalls or access controls as Pi-hole should not be installed in configurations where this is necessary.

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