User Conflict by Whitelist or Blacklist Regex

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Expected Behaviour:

System should alert the user that the same input if elsewhere.

Raspberry OS
Raspberry PI 4b

Actual Behaviour:

When entering information into either, the blacklist or whitelist management section, a conflict with the same input if found in the opposite management configuration will create undesirable result. For example if the user input “(.|^)klaviyo($|.\w+)” by mistake into whitelist without first checking the right management and check the blacklist later which is the true management for the input. The user will see nothing in the blacklist management so the user input again the same info thinking all is good but has created a conflict without realising their mistake.

The individual black- and whitelist pages will be removed in one of the next versions of Pi-hole. It will be replaced by the "Domain" page you can already find under "Group Management". Here, you will always see both of them. Does that solve your particular issue?

Also, note that checking for exact equality is only one possible case here. A user might have added added two different regex that still achieve the same matching. Very much simplified, thous could be a and [a]. They are exactly equivalent but not identical. Really comparing equality in regular expressions is very hard.

I have been using Group Management for sometime now which is much better, however I thought I just bring it to your attention in case other users suffer from the same fate, it has happen to me a couple of time and caught myself there after doing so with the other method. What I meant was the "exact equality" was replicated in both blacklist and whitelist as shown in the image not a variant on the regex. But I do understand were your coming from but that not the issue.


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