Use pi hole's server as access point directly to wan. No nat

I have Comcast as my ISP i get residential internet from a coaxial cable that plugs into my modem/router combo.

Id like to know if i can set the modem/router in bridge mode (disable dhcp & wifi) & "give" the public wan ip to the Ubuntu server running pi hole + a properly configured firewall and use the server as a modem and add another Ethernet jack via pci card and put another router with wifi & Ethernet that the pi hole server gives internet to for clients to connect? Id like to have a web server & vpn & whatnot that isn't behind nat and isn't in a data center. Data centers are nice but the cost of storage space is expensive.

Wan ip from Comcast

Cable modem in bridge mode

Ubuntu pi hole server + firewall + wan ip + other services (web server, vpn)

Passthrough? To a router with nat > 192.168.1.x or whatever + wifi

Everything else like phones & computers on nat.

Also lets say i had a web server on a server connected to the nat network using pi hole as a proxy server outside of nat proxing traffic to the nat webserver.

The main reason I'm considering this is my modem doesn't like to port forward & i can only point 1 lan ip to the DMZ.

Id probably want to disable pi holes webserver and setup my own so i can host other websites as well as pi holes admin interface.