Use http / teleporter server to upload any file?

Pi-hole has a built in file transfer system, and I've been wanting to setup one, but which one do I choose for easy ftp, set that up. Why not just use the teleporter feature to upload pictures to my pc?

How can I open up access to other file formats? I'd like to upload a picture from my phone for a system-wide wallpaper for grub, plymouth and login / desktop wallpaper.

Thank you.

I suggest "magic wormhole" as the utility to do what you're wanting.

Teleporter is literally a wrapper around the tar linux utility.

Wow, I thought that was just for archives. Oh for the .tar.gz. But my point is I can upload files to the system. Would it be possible to upload non tar.gz files to my computer using pi-holes "upload" function?

I have a feeling that I'm missing something here but on the face of the question the answer is no.


Teleporter only uploads one kind of file: a teleporter archive (using tar.gz file format, with specific content).
After the upload the file is read to import pi-hole's configuration.

You can't upload other file formats. You can't change the destination.
Teleporter is not a file transfer system.

I use an iPhone and iMac; on those you can use AirDrop. For non-AirDrop I just email the pic to myself from my phone and grab it from Gmail on my desktop. Fine for wallpaper, probably not great for private images.

The other way around I've also used Magic-Wormhole to send stuff to a friend in real time, it's really useful.

For getting stuff off the Linux/Mac desktop to another phone/desktop on the same network you can transfer using the webserver in python. Never use this for any public facing web server; only for moving stuff across your own network.

Run the command below and then go to its IP in a browser on the other computer. Or use curl. Ctrl-c to kill it when done. If the port would conflict (eg running it on Pi-hole) use a different port number. May need sudo.

python3 -m http.server 80

This is great. I did a repo search for "ftp" tried a couple and it's just not this simple. Thank you. I'll try this soon.