Use /22 subnet for conditional forwarding

Expected Behaviour:

Being able to set a local network IP with the block set as “#.#.#.#/22”, since that is what my router seems to use as detected during Pi-hole installation.
Screenshot 2020-09-15 at 7.13.40

Actual Behaviour:

The “/22” block is rejected by the pinhole web interface when trying to use conditional forwarding.

My router seems to give out addresses within the “/22” block, this in itself is detected during the Pi-hole install process.
However, when trying to set that same block for conditional forwarding it gets detected as invalid and the men interface discards it telling me to use either /18 or /24.

Does anyone know how I can set up the correct subnet or if a chang is needed with it the Pi-hole code?

This is a limitation of the underlying dnsmasq, which requires octets (/8, /16, etc). The Pi-hole developers have submitted a change request to dnsmasq, but this change has not yet been implemented.

If you can change the subnet on your router, this will solve your problem pending a dnsmasq change.

You could ask for the status of this on the dnsmasq mailing list. Sometimes, they can use a (gently) reminder in case the patch was forgotten about.

Break your /22 in to a couple of /24's for the sake of entry.

See here how to do that

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