URL Blocking for Pi-Hole

Hi, I'm a Pi-hole user, i was wondering if the next Pi-hole update could have URL blocking feature, not like the one it already has, like the difference between this and my idea, is to completely update the gravity database, so it blocks depending in the URL and link, and if that URL/link is on the Pi-hole's gravity/blacklist then the request to that link is blocked, depending if its an ad or not, because i have been experiencing issues while trying to block YouTube ads, so i think this would be a good idea, the issue would be, where will we get those URL's from? because Pi-hole only logs the domains, not the URL or Link itself.

I've seen sometimes its an ipv6 blocking issue, but YouTube has many ad sub domains, some of them contain the actual YouTube video, blocking those sub domains will make some YouTube videos not able to be playable.

The Domain Name System translates domain names to IP addresses. URLs are completely absent in DNS.

URLs are handled e.g. within the HTTP/HTTPS protocols used by your browser. If you want to block at the URL level, you've to resort to browser extensions like like uBlock Origin or Privacy Badger.