Uptime on admin dashboard; solved but how to post patch files?

Hi - I've seen a couple requests about adding pihole system uptime to admin dashboard. Quickly hacked this together modifying two files: /var/www/html/admin/scripts/pi-hole/php/{header_authenticated.php,sidebar.php}

I have the patch files created, just can't post them in this WYSIWYG editor for sharing. Any ideas how to provide these two patch files for consumption?

If anyone wants to type them out to create the patch files yourself and then patch the two files, here you go:

Here's a screenshot of the admin dashboard after modifying these two files.


All development happens on GitHub. For the web interface at GitHub - pi-hole/AdminLTE: Pi-hole Dashboard for stats and more

You could submit a pull request, however I see no chance of implantation: we have decided to not extend the status bar with more information as Pi-hole is a DNS server and not a device management software.

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