Updating blocklist every day


I am blocking virus and malware URLs and would like to update the blocklist daily. A weekly update doesn't make sense because the urls change very quickly.

I found something in the FAQ. However, I only want to update this single list daily. Does anyone have an idea how I can solve this? Can I give the gravity parameter a list name or even URL?

Thanks you in advance.

You can add a crontab that runs at midnight and do a pihole -g

use crontabguru to get the right format:


Hi RamSet

Sorry, I was unclear. Is there a way to update individual lists (just this one list)?

There is not.

The gravity script looks for specific files (adlists.list is the one that stores the sources), processes them, parses the addresses, queries them, pulls the contents in one temp file and then compiles the "block list".

The pihole -g command, does not process any variables past the -g (related to the lists).

It does allow only:
"-f" "--force"
"-h" "--help"
"-sd" | "--skip-download"
"-b" | "--blacklist-only"
"-w" | "--whitelist-only"
"-wild" | "--wildcard-only"

If a list has not changed, then Pi-Hole won't download the list, it will use the local copy of the list. So, even if you run pihole -g, only the changed lists will be downloaded.

Is there a reason you only want this single list to be updated, and not the other lists as well?

Oh, now I understand. I didn't realize that. So a simple cron job already meets my requirements.

Thank you for your kind help.

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