Updated to v4.0 and now whitelist isn't working

Hi. I'm new to Pi-Hole. I've had it running maybe 2-3 weeks and then I log-in today and find the "update available" message via the admin web interface. I of course click the update link only for it to link externally out to github (an odd behavior, it should come here to this site). I do a Google search and find myself here on this site looking at the:

How Do I Update To This Version?

Running the pihole -up command will update your Pi-hole installation.

SO okay I fire up Putty and enter the command, it takes a good while to finish and when I come back I try to do what I originally sought out to do, edit my whilelist; nada. My whitelist is now blank and I get an error when I try to edit it further. I used the web interface to restart but it didn't help.

The software source is hosted on git hub, so this is normal and expected behavior.

Please send us the token generated by

pihole -d

or do it through the Web interface:


It's very likely that your web browser is still trying to use code from the previous Pi-hole version.
Try a force-refresh in your browser on the whitelist page (press Ctrl + F5).

Thank you, that did actually resolve the problem.