Update without affecting the web server

As I made the update today (3.2.1) it created the following problem:

  • Installed the web server “lighttpd”.

In my machine I use as the web server the Apache2. So from the beginning I had deleted lighttpd and installed Apache2. The update forced us to install the lighttpd.

First of all I have to ask (although the answer may be obvious) :
Is it necessary to use the lighttpd web server?

If the answer is “No”, then could you foresee this in the update?
At least if we don’t have it installed, don’t not install it!

This is my suggestion.

P.S. : Writing the above proposal, I thought there might be no reason to be interested in your software updating process for the web server. Because the web server is something different from your software (even if your software is based on it).

Anyway, thank you very much for your amazing work! You work hard to get everything as smooth as possible! Thank you for it! Thank you for all of this fantastic project!

As a workaround, allow the installer to install it but run the following command:

sudo systemctl disable lighttpd

This will prevent the pi-hole installer from starting lighttpd when you update

lighttpd is the only web server we currently support. We have some custom rules implemented in a config file for it, so if you’re interested you can try to translate those rules to a different web server and run the command @PromoFaux shared. We are looking into adding support for more web servers, but that probably won’t happen until after we release the next gen web interface (which is still in the works).

Ok, but this is a alternative workaround.
I mentioned it to discuss it and see what we can do.
Thank you!

@Mcat12 Oh! Ok! I didn’t know that! That’s why I asked it.
So the graphical user interface of Pi-hole requires the lighttpd web serve!? Right ?

The configuration files how important are they?
You refer to those? :

But nevertheless, without I having made any corresponding configurations on the Apache2 web server, seems to work properly! Also, I have enabled and configured through the graphical interface the DNS server!

Thank you.

Yes, the first two are the important ones (the last is a relic from an experiment trying to block video ads).

The web interface will seem to work fine without configuring it, but certain things such as having the block page show up and removing access to restricted web interface files will not work.