Update lighttpd to latest release

Request: Update to latest lighttpd. The latest lighttpd is lighttpd 1.4.55, released Jan 2020.

Rationale: Had some problems with adding SSL certificate and IPv6 (see below on canonical thread about post 80 onwards[1]). Problem isolated to issues with ipv6/ssl in lighttpd. When posting queries on lighttpd forum had reply as follows. Seems like a good idea to update to solve the particular certificate problem and also benefit from other improvements since then.

[1] Enabling HTTPS for your Pi-hole Web Interface

However, any Linux distribution which packages lighttpd does so independently from this site, and the configuration they provide is also independent from this site. Similarly, independent distributions are responsible (or not) for keeping up with the latest lighttpd releases, which include bug fixes. lighttpd 1.4.45 was released Jan 2017, over three years ago. There have been ten (10) major releases since then (and 831 commmits). The latest lighttpd is lighttpd 1.4.55, released Jan 2020.
In lighttpd 1.4.46 (released Oct 2017) and later, the ssl configuration can be inherited from the global scope and shared between IPv4 and IPv6 configurations.

Please generate a debug log, upload it and post the token here so we can look at your installed versions.

Hi there,

The token as mentioned:


Package versions are dependent on your OS. We can install a version later than the one in your distributions repository.

For comparison, you have lighttpd 1.4.45 with your Ubuntu 18.

Raspbian and Armbian Buster installs both have 1.4.53.

I am not a real linux tech-head and more of a hobbist; but I basically took a ubuntu fresh LTS install (18.04; not the 20.04 released just recently) and then put pihole on it.

Not too sure on pihole release schedule but given there is a 'get support systems' in installation; I would have thought grabbing the latest lighttpd would make sense.

Just as a feature enhancement given it seems to have been hiccup in the instance of my ipv6 SSL setup.

Ubuntu manages the version of lighttpd that is installed. That's what we mean by "distribution", Ubuntu is a distribution of linux. Raspbian, Debian, etc are all distributions.

Different versions of each distribution have different versions of the packages. Ubuntu 18.04 contains a version that is different from Ubuntu 20.04. See Ubuntu – Package Search Results -- lighttpd and look at the different versions.

Okie dokes - Understand the distinction now; Linux is hard but I am learning :slight_smile: