Unsupported RPM based distribution


Please follow the below template, it will help us to help you!

Expected Behaviour:

should complete update without error

Actual Behaviour:

pihole -up

[i] Checking for updates…
[i] Pi-hole Core: up to date
[i] FTL: update available

[i] FTL out of date

[i] FTL Checks…
[i] Downloading and Installing FTL…curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found
[✗] Downloading and Installing FTL
Error: URL not found

pihole -r

[✓] Root user check
[✗] Unsupported RPM based distribution

Debug Token:

[✓] Your debug token is: 5upe2s2pdy


FedBerry is not a supported OS. Details can be found here

I am piniging our resident Fedora/SEL expert and perhaps he can find some further solutions with you @bcambl


Try the following:
FedBerry Workaround


perhaps…would be great if possible


i revisited that thread you helped me with previously but i’m still getting the error msg:

“unsupported RPM based distribution”.


My apologies, there has been changes to the code since our last conversation.
This should hopefully yield better results:

curl -sSL https://install.pi-hole.net | sed s/fedora/fedberry/g | bash


that worked. thanks!!


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