Unrecognised IPs on network

I have a BT homehub 6, so I have set up my pi hole as a DHCP server in order to use it as a DNS server for all devices.

I have noticed today that there are some devices on the network shown by Pi Hole that I don’t recognise (one is called petersipad - I don’t know any Peter). All of these strange devices are shown as orange and do not appear to be using pihole. All of the devices I recognise are green and are using pihole.

Is this because my router is letting people log on using BT Openzone or BT Wifi? and if that is the case I presume my network is still secure?

I would be grateful if anyone has seen this before


Those are other devices that connect to your network that are not yours.

It might be, but since you have no control over what they do … it’s safe to believe that it’s not.

Let me give you this scenario:

I drive by your house, connect to your network and all of sudden, i decide to do something illegal, while connected to your network.

They (whoever i would target) will see your network public IP as the offender and they will initiate legal action against you, because you are the owner of that and (based on your ISP contract) you are responsible for everything that happens on that network.

They don’t care if “someone” else did it.

So please… for your safety, don’t let strangers piggyback on your internet connection.

Thank you

I don’t let strangers piggy back my connection. This is only available because BT have it on by default on all BT home hubs. Believe me, I have tried to turn it off!

You would probably need to contact customer support to opt out from having the device broadcasting the BT hotspot.

It’s nothing that you can control from the interface, they would have to turn off the switch on their side.

Thanks - I have tried that before and failed. They have even said that routers don’t broadcast it when they clearly do so they are as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Sorry, this is going off the purpose of this forum a bit. I might have to consider a new router.

Thanks for your help, appreciate it

I was in the same boat as you. The only diference is that over here (US) they DO disable that if you request it.

Even so, I still went with my own.

Don’t know if it’s changed but with BT it used to be the case that allowing your router to be used as a openzone hotspot was a prerequisite if you being able to use your BT account to log in to other openzone hotspots.

You used to be able to turn it off via your BT account page IIRC rather than in your router.

This seems to be something specific for BT internet plans rather than Pi-hole.

You may find some answers in their forums, e.g.BT-Community: Turn off BT Openzone but keep my house WiFi

yeah sounds like a different vlan with its own dns setting if you authenticate as one of those BT users

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