Unknown Error -1

Can anyone help me with the following error I see everyday after an overnight automatic update.....

Refresh lists in dnsmasq...Failed to get D-Bus connection: Unknown error -1

I can't fathom this one out....What is it and how do I go about fixing it? Any one able to help here please?


Please run pihole -d and post the debug token.

Thanks for the reply - Token is qycxjeqrh6

Just following up here...can you generate a new token? The 48 hours have expired. Thank you.

Here you go!


The log did not provide any clues...pihole -up isn't something we usually check for when debugging. Will you send the output of this command to tricorder (assuming it's the pihole -up command you are having issues with)?

bash -x pihole -up

heres the new token....


So the error doesn't happen when you manually run pihole -up? Just when run via what--do you have a cron job setup to do this?

Opps - it is pihole -g that give the error (sorry been up since 05:15 and still sleepy!

Here is new token


Error appears at the bottom of the list under refresh dnsmasq lists......Might save you a little time! :slight_smile:

Found it; thanks.

What's the output of:

systemctl status dnsmasq
service dnsmasq status

Feel free to send it to tricorder or post it here (the output of these commands shouldn't be much).

[xbian@kitchen ~ $ systemctl status dnsmasq
Failed to get D-Bus connection: Unknown error -1
xbian@kitchen ~ $ service dnsmasq status
-bash: service: command not found

Sorry but how do you do code tags for posting on here?

You can use markdown syntax for formatting code.

So it looks like something is wrong with systemd...do you have trouble with anything else on your system? It seems like Pi-hole is working, but probably not reloading dnsmasq since those commands are failing.

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Please see this for a possible solution to this issue....You will probably understand it better than me!

Well, that was a pleasant read from a jolly fellow. If upstart is the init system instead of systemd then the issues you are seeing are stemming from that. The errors you are seeing though would not prevent the Pi-hole from functioning, but Xbian is not one of our supported platforms. If a Pull Request is submitted to include Xbian support, we'd appreciate it.

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Thanks for the support on this.

TBH he is a very patient and helpful person, I think that maybe it was bad timing or just a bad day for him. Anyway I will relay your request for a pull and see what happens.
I doesn't seem to affect the operation, but error messages are always worth looking into.

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