Unknown domain in my top blocked domains

How can determine what host of my connects to ip that’s started showing up in my top blocked domains?

Domain in question is gatekeeper.tss.net not much on it on google. If someone had any previews experience help would be appreciated.

Click on the domain to have it open a filtered query log.

That only shows ip of my router. Can I look in logs and get more?

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It looks like you have your network configured so that the clients query the router for DNS and the router forwards to the Pi-hole. In that case the Pi-hole only sees the IP address of the router, and all the logs would have that IP address, as the router doesn’t pass along the client IP address.

If you would like the logs to show the client IP, you would need to configure the clients to query the Pi-hole directly, with the clients having the Pi-hole IP listed as the DNS server.

Can I turn this feature on and off? Would this make sense?

It’s determined by how you have your DHCP server set to provide clients with the DNS server address. It would take quite a few steps to change things, and wouldn’t really make much sense, but if you would really like to know the client, you will have to configure your network so that the client devices are pointed at the Pi-hole IP for DNS server and not at the router. How that is accomplished depends on the router and the capabilities of the router.

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