Understanding Group Management

Good Afternoon Support,

I recently discovered and thought i understood group management. The reason i started looking into this is to exempt my wifes phone from piholes blocking. I have quite a few domain regexs as well as adlists. What i have did was created a 2 groups, 1 called blacklist and the other called whitelist. I then went to client added my wifes phone from the list of known clients and assigned her to whitelist as im using pihole as my DHCP server. I then changed all my domains and adlists to have them assigned to blacklist and my thought process was that all devices would be actioned against the blacklist and the whitelist would be processed but as it has no domains or adlists assigned would be permitted. This worked and my wifes phone was no longer getting everything she required blocked but this morning i checked the console and Top Block Domains and Top Clients was missing from the dashboard. I could still see Top Permitted and Top Clients but not the others. Is the Dashboard referencing the Default group? I changed everything back to the Default Group and i can now see the Top Blocked appearing again. I suspect my thought process regarding groups was incorrect. Is someone able to advise?

The dashboard shows all groups and clients.

Please generate a debug log, upload it when prompted and post the token here. This will show us your blocking and client/group assignments.

Hi jfb, as requested


Your router's DHCP server is still active, so your clients may well request a DHCP lease through it, by-passing Pi-hole by using your router as DNS server:

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Discovering active DHCP servers (takes 10 seconds)
   Scanning all your interfaces for DHCP servers
   * Received 300 bytes from eno1:
     Server IP address:
      Message type: DHCPOFFER (2)

(You're free to name your groups any way you like, but I'd like to suggest that you use different names for your groups. Your current terms already have succinctly different meanings in Pi-hole.
Picking conflict-free names would help to avoid confusing others (and yourself, maybe) when discussing potential issues.
) :wink:

You are currently working with three groups.
However, all blocklists (adlists) as well as white- and blacklists (domainlists) have been assigned to group 7 exclusively.

You also have defined only one client (your wife's machine), and that client is associated with group 8.
Group 8 has no domainlist or adlist entries, so Pi-hole won't apply any filtering at all to clients associated to group 8.
That part of your setup works as intended.

Yet any other, unspecified client will use the Default group (group 0).
The Default group is also void of any adlist or domainlist associations.
Effectively, none of your clients will be subject to filtering anymore.

To fix this, reassociate all your lists with the Default group and delete your group 7.

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Hi Bucking_Horn and jfb,

Thanks for the responses. Im aware of the dual dhcp servers as I have a Google wifi mesh network and there is no way to turn off the dhcp server on Google wifi, so the start and end dhcp are set to the pihole server. I havnt had the chance to make the changes advised, hopefully will have time in the next few days.


Hi Bucking_Horn and jfb,

I made the changes advised by Bucking_Horn and everything this is working as intended. One other question if i may, the client in a whitelist do not show up in the logs due to them bypassing pihole via the Whitelist correct?

I don't understand your question, perhaps.

Clients are not in a whitelist. Domains are, and clients make requests for domains. Any query sent to Pi-hole by a client will appear in your logs, contingent on your privacy settings.