Unable to use Pi-hole dns without vpn?

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Expected Behaviour:

[i want to use both sides with openvpn and without openvpn]

Actual Behaviour:

[Working with ovpn]

Debug Token:


Hello i just create droplet on D.ocean which pre-compiled pic below of openvpn+pihole, my problem is, i want to use pihole both side let suppose i want to use pihole as DNS server on my home pc, and with .ovpn file on my mobile phone unfortunately my pc not working with just putting dns address that is 10.0.8.x.x but the other side when i connect my mobile with client file .ovpn with openvpn connect client it works perfect.I tried my vps server ip i.e 142.x.x.x and dns on my pc but same issue dns server isn’t respond. then i download openvpn client for pc the connect with that it works fine :slight_smile: Is it possible that i want to use my pc without openvpn client b’cz i don’t need vpn on my pc just need pi-hole dns on my pc if yes please help me out to configure my vps accordingly all suggestions and recommendations are highly appreciated, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Does that droplet creator have contact information of the person who created it and who maintains it? It’s not something the Pi-hole team made.

What was their response to your request for assistance?

they aren’t replied :frowning:

I have created new droplet in digitalocean and follow the and follow the pi hole official instructions at https://docs.pi-hole.net/guides/vpn/installation/ but the same problem faced pi-hole dns didn’t work outside of dns, i think i made some mistake during iptables, i just choose option 1 everything goes from tun0 is this ok or i just change the iptables rules??

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