Unable to reconnect iOS app to PiHole

Hi All,

I have updated to Beta 6, all looks ok from a web browser (https://< IP >/admin).
However the iPhone app is unable to connect.

From the web browser I go to:

  • Settings
  • Web Interface / API
  • Click on Configure App Password and select enable
  • Copy the password into the IOS App
  • Test connection fails to connect

App is set to use the IP address (192.168.0.xyz) and HTTPS (433)
Tried using pi-hole as the host name but that didn't work either.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance

Which iPhone app? Note that the Pi-hole team does not maintain any mobile apps so the error you are observing here is likely that the maintainer of this app did not adjust to the v6.0 changes yet. You should get in contact with them.

The app in question is below:

[Pi-Hole Remote]

I think it is trying to get to pi.hole/admin/api.php... rather than pi.hole/api.php
Was this api php moved as part of v6?

v6.0 redesigned, streamlined and simplified the entire API. PHP is gone altogether

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The Pi-hole Remote dev is aware of the upcoming changes, but not sure if they have anything testable yet.