Unable to configure monit to monitor Pi-hole

Good day

I have installed Pihole on an ubuntu instance using AWS in a VPC. I also have another ubuntu instance running monit which i want to use to monitor the pihole.

I have created the related config by adding a file called 'pihole' in the /etc/monit/conf-available/ directory. I have soft linked this path to /etc/monit/conf-enabled/ . The server start fine but i cant figure out how to monitor pihole. I have seen topics that discussed about monitoring pihole with monit running on the same server, then using pid files this caan be striaght forward. How will this work when then it is a different server?

This seems related to monit rather then Pi-hole.

To improve your chances of assistance, you may want to consider to also consult monit's support.

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Alright. Thank you.