Ubuntu 20.04 support request

I have a fresh install and pi-hole isn't working on ubuntu 20.04.

Here is a link of me asking for help: Pihole says it is running but cannot get in to admin or block site in terminal - #17 by FreePizza

Ubuntu 20.04 is already fully supported. I see you linked discussion and replied in there. I'm sure developers of Pi-hole will follow soon.

If anything at all, this feature request should be to include 20.04 in the officially supported OS list. It is running perfectly fine for me and there really isn't much of a difference between 19.01 and 20.04 (there usually is close to none when the new version is an long-term support (LTS) version).

Then I'm unsure what is wrong with my set up. fresh installs should have no problem but it not work for me no ads or sides are blacked and i can get a token from debug. I wonder if it has anything to do with Ubuntu server from my reading its a lite strip down version of Ubuntu desktop.

Implemented with v5.1