Two ip addresses

hi, noticed ads still leaking through (on the roku youtube) tried various things - found there was 2 ip addresses?

photo below - but there is 2 different ip with 2 different mac address. it wasn't until i looked at the date and time of first connect (exactly the same) that i realised it was both the raspberry.

photo shows ".2" and ".17", i currently have .17 set up as static ip lease and dns server.

what should i do? if i do it all again i will probably get same result, i don't care about the 2 ip's, just the ads leaking through. it may have nothing to do with ads leaking through. the only other thing i can think of is running pi-hole again and check it is eth0

Please send us the token generated by

pihole -d

or do it through the Web interface:

Tools > Generate Debug Log

thankyou, i will leave it in your hands (i really appreciate you looking at it @jfb (love the siamese :smiley: "your debug token is :
and just to be sure i got it correct (have trouble seeing clearly) picture below

EDIT - just to be clear, ads creep in using the roku watching youtube (watching youtube through the roku)

Your RPi is likely sporting two IP addresses because it has two network interface controllers (or NICs), one for Ethernet/LAN and one for WiFi/WLAN each.

Each NIC has a globally unique MAC address, so what you see in your screenshot is normal.
(As a side note: Since a MAC address is designed to be globally unique, it can be used effectively to identify and track you (or your computer, more precisely). If you are privacy aware, you should not share MAC addresses publically.)

With regards to Youtube, blocking embedded ads is almost impossible by means of Pi-hole, as the bulk of them is getting served by the same domain as the content.
There are users creating blocklists and regex filters to sift out some of them, but that is a long-lasting cats-and-mice game between blocking attempts and Youtube/Google/Alphabet getting aware of them.
If you want to partake in that game, have a look at How do I block ads on YouTube?.

@buckinghorn (thanks again - your excellent) with some ads sifting through - a little annoying but now that i know it is not the raspberry or pi hole, i can stop looking for a fault. :smiley: not interested in playing a cat and mouse game - but this has certainly had my brain working of the last few weeks :smiley: thanks again, happy its all working properly... hope it is not bad where you are with this virus thing. stay healthy

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