Trying to understand requests by


Domain is clearly on the blacklist. So I’m wondering why I’m finding these requests… that seem to be coming from my computer (::1, and from my global IPv6 address)

13:14:57 dnsmasq[693]: 70 ::1/50387 query[AAAA] from ::1
13:14:57 dnsmasq[693]: 70 ::1/50387 /etc/pihole/gravity.list is ::
13:14:57 dnsmasq[693]: 71 /41118 query[AAAA] from
13:14:57 dnsmasq[693]: 71 /41118 /etc/pihole/gravity.list is ::

this would have to be coming from software installed on my computer, right?


OK… my bad. And my apologies.

Looking back in my terminal, I see that .ru domain was pulled by random from the blacklist for a pihole debug I had just run.