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Expected Behaviour:

Blacklisted both "" and" on the Pi-hole Blacklist management web interface page; expected ads from this domain to disappear from where they appear.

Actual Behaviour:

Ads continue to reappear after reload of the website page.

Debug Token:

I note that both of these domains are included on one of the default lists that ship with Pi-hole, which you are currently using.

There are some potential causes here:

(1) the ads are coming from different domains than those you have blacklisted

(2) the client device might be using a DNS other than Pi-hole

(3) the browser might be using private DNS (or DNS over https) and the DNS queries from the browser are not going to Pi-hole.

What is the output of this command from the Pi terminal:

grep /var/log/pihole.log | tail -n25

The output of the above command is null/blank; the shell returns to the default prompt without any additional content.

That shows there have been no queries for this domains. It appears the client on which you are seeing the ads is not using Pi-hole for DNS.

I have determined conclusively that AVAST VPN is subverting DNS processing through Pihole.

Translation: Turn Avast VPN on; ads show up. Turn Avast VPN off; ads disappear.

I am reaching out to Avast in this context.

Turn off RealSite in AVAST, see also Hilfe: Windows löst Hostname auch ohne PiHole auf?

I am using Avast Secureline VPN, not Premium Security. An online chat with an Avast rep seems to confirm that there is no way to by pass their VPN DNS service; I have as a result cancelled my subscription and will look into NordVPN to see of that service offers DNS bypass. Avast's 30-day guarantee precludes me from a prorated refund as I pay for a year in advance.

Apparently NordVPN has the same issue; I have cancelled that subscription as well.

Does ANYONE know of a VPN service that doesn't bypass pihole DNS on the local network?

Thanks Dan; I'll give 'em a shout.