True cost of securing our privacy!

A few bottle of Advils not to mention when someone like me get in touch with their support staff, they either hang up the phone - or call me a$$ after case closed!!

First, it was my Unbound issue and certain Apple services! After a few months, I gave up!

Now, Cloudflare DoH vs ecobee smart thermostat access.

Basically, unless I disable DoH or use or any other DNS, I cannot see my 3+ year old registered thermostat using browser and or ecobee App on my iDevices!!

Just thought sharing with those who may have similar issues. Don’t hate Apple, ecobee or whoever vendor you’re dealing with!!

Never mind! This one was blocking it!!

Dang 3rd party blockers!!

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Dang them indeed! Thanks for posting your solution. I’m sure it will help others as well … and thanks for “fighting the good fight” for the sake of privacy.

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