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I’m new to pi-hole so please bear with me! I had just installed pi-hole onto a clean version of CentOS, but can’t connect to the WebUI. When I do service lighttp status, I saw that it failed, and I tried restarting it only to get this:

I tried uninstalling lighttpd and then reinstalling it, and I was able to successfully start lighttpd, but still wasn’t able to connect to the WebUI. When I try to restart it, lighttpd would fail to start again.

Not sure how to move forward from here, but please help me troubleshoot! Thank you in advance!!

In addition, how do you check the logs via CLI to see if it’s actually working. Thanks!

debug token: tteoeeng1s


Run sudo touch /etc/lighttpd/external.conf and then sudo service lighttpd restart. This is caused by a change in how new versions of lighttpd parse the config file.

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