Top clients show my DNS server

Problem with Beta 5.0:
I use Pi-Hole as my dhcp server.

When I look with pi-hole my network, all IP are well listed, but it tells me only one use pi-hole: my dns server. When I look the quert log, I see that all queries are coming from my dns server. Then, Pi-Hole tells me that I have only one client connected to my pi-hole server: my dns server.

When I look which dns are using my clients, as they are all using dhcp, they well use my pi-hole ip.

I dont find what is the problem…

Debug Token:
Token: 3uuyj8219s

What is this DNS server you are using as the upstream for Pi-hole?


From the Pi terminal, what are the outputs of these commands:

echo ">top-clients withzero (15)" | nc localhost 4711

ip neigh

Hi, is a physical machine with my internal DNS (powerDNS with recursor for local domain resolv). pi-hole is installed on a debian libvirt vm hosted on

root@pi-hole:~# echo ">top-clients withzero (15)" | nc localhost 4711
0 2953
1 350 localhost
2 4
3 3 pi-hole


root@pi-hole:~# ip neigh dev enp1s0 lladdr 00:71:47:3d:7e:08 STALE dev enp1s0 lladdr a4:93:3f:2f:95:e1 STALE dev enp1s0 lladdr 7c:76:68:4a:09:95 STALE dev enp1s0 lladdr f8:81:1a:51:4d:03 STALE dev enp1s0 lladdr 00:1d:c9:82:e9:fe STALE dev enp1s0 lladdr 76:4c:a3:2a:73:1c REACHABLE dev enp1s0 lladdr 00:1d:c9:82:eb:0a STALE dev enp1s0 lladdr 00:1d:c9:82:e9:64 STALE dev enp1s0 lladdr 00:1d:c9:82:e3:85 STALE dev enp1s0 lladdr 00:71:47:a3:5d:9a STALE dev enp1s0 lladdr 68:9a:87:62:d1:bb STALE dev enp1s0 lladdr 48:89:e7:7a:b2:6e STALE dev enp1s0 lladdr 30:23:03:84:c0:cf REACHABLE dev enp1s0 lladdr 7c:61:66:7e:b1:58 STALE dev enp1s0 lladdr 44:46:87:22:27:b7 REACHABLE dev enp1s0 lladdr 44:46:87:7a:18:43 STALE dev enp1s0 lladdr 30:23:03:84:c2:5b STALE dev enp1s0 lladdr 00:1d:c9:82:e1:dd STALE dev enp1s0 lladdr c8:08:e9:bc:3b:a1 STALE dev enp1s0 lladdr 0c:2c:54:08:24:16 STALE

With this configuration, this may be normal. What is the routing of the DNS traffic from a client?

Is it client > powerDNS > Pi-hole > powerDNS or client > Pi-hole > powerDNS?

If the former, then all the traffic to Pi-hole would be from the powerDNS IP.


the trafic is: client - > pi-hole - > powerdns - > internet provider dns


Check that this is the case. The results show that the traffic is going to the powerdns first. When you made the DHCP change to Pi-hole, did you restart the router and renew the DHCP leases on all the connected clients?


I didn’t understand what was my problem. I made a lot of tests without success. I have switch to Docker deployment (First on version 4, then version 5). It has solved my problem.