Too many A record lookups


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Expected Behaviour:

I was under the impression that local dns will reply to internal client queries when looking for same domain name

Actual Behaviour:

am confused why there are queries going out for same domain every 10 seconds, this is what makes this particular client to have its domain name listed as number 1 on top 10 domains list

|2019-03-17 11:27:04|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.3ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:26:54|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.4ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:26:44|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.2ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:26:34|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.2ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:26:24|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.3ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:26:14|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.2ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:26:04|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.3ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:25:54|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.3ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:25:44|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.2ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:25:34|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.3ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:25:24|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.2ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:25:14|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.4ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:24:54|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.2ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:24:44|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.2ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:24:34|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.3ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:24:24|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.3ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:24:14|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.3ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:24:04|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.2ms)| Blacklist|
|2019-03-17 11:23:54|A||efergy.parivar|OK (cached)|IP (0.2ms)| Blacklist|

Debug Token:

A bit puzzled - ran pihole -d but did not upload the file - and reading thru there is no code - guessing that the token is generated only if I upload?



This is correct. After the debug log is uploaded, the server provides the token, which is the storage location. If you do not upload the file, the server receives nothing and you receive no token.



This is what is happening. Look at the status

OK (cached)

This status indicates that the Pi-hole was able to respond to this query from cached information, i.e., this query never left your internal network.

Your client is requesting this domain every 10 seconds and Pi-hole is answering each time as expected. This is a problem of the client (it does not cache the information internally).


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