To completely block Facebook.. | Blocklist Facebook Domains

Hi guys :wave:, I found this in a recent Hacker News thread. I thought I’d share for those of you who are interested in adding a resource that completely blocks Facebook.

Here’s the list:page_with_curl:

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Thanks for sharing.

Please note, this list also blocks Whatsapp - as it’s part of Facebook.

Here the repository with some more lists (2 years old) for different companies:

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So, I recently installed Facebook Container in Firefox.
When I open the Pi-hole Admin Console…Facebook Container shows that it’s protected me from Facebook tracking.
This made me realize (assuming Pi-hole is using Facebook for some reason) blocking Facebook from the DNS level probably doesn’t block Facebook from tracking if you’re using a Pi-hole. I wonder what I would see if I cascaded 2 Pi-holes that have the same Facebook blocking list.

Follow-up: It mush have been a false positive fluke. I’ve opened the Pi-hole Admin Console a few more times today and I’m happy to report it’s not triggering Facebook Container. :grin:

Something has gone very wrong in your setup. There is no tracking code in Pi-hole what so ever.