Timing and Network overview

The issue I am facing:
I have two issues the first is the timing of Pi-Hole, the Raspberry Pi time is correct in timing, but Pi-Hole is 2 hours ahead of Raspberry Pi time. The second possible issue is that various devices can have multiply IP allocated to them in Network overview or is this a history section only, is there away to correct these issue/s.

Details about my system:
Raspberry Pi 4b+
Raspberry OS

What I have changed since installing Pi-hole:
Installed unbound, which is working correctly.

Your debug token is: https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/kSF59axu/

Where/how did you observe this?

The network overview is providing a historical overview, listing IP addresses and hostnames associated with a MAC address as observed from your Pi-hole's neighbour tables at some time.
You may control how far back Pi-hole would consider such observations via
pihole-FTL's MAXNETAGE option.

I'd personally prefer to search for a way to have my router assign the same, fixed IP to each client, as that would make attributing DNS requests to clients individually much easier.

My mistake in that Raspberry Pi desktop is showing the correct timing, however I just discovered it the mac desktop browser that showing the errors.

Thanks for the other half of the question had a feeling it was a history section.

Found the problem, it's the librewolf browser that throwing the timing out.

Sorry for ya troubles