Timezone for web interface

Some browsers privacy settings prohibit websites (javascript) detect which timezone they are in (Firefox privacy.resist.Fingerprinting setting) so the query logs shown in UTC time.

It would be nice if Pi-Hole web interface would allow user select which timezone they are in.

Thank you.

Pi-hole uses the time specified in the host OS, so it knows your local time Times displayed on the browser, as you noted, are controlled by browser settings.

If you want the correct time shown in this browser, disable the resist.Fingerprinting setting. Or, use a different browser to access the web GUI.

Yes, that is one way to "fix" it... or a simple timezone selection could be added to the web UI....hens this feature request :wink:

Here is a userscript that adds that feature:

Is this setting enabled by default in Firefox?

That's quite neat, and verified it has the desired effect. Seeing as you've already written a userscript, would you be up for contributing to the project with a pull request?

I would, but it's way over my head...I wouldn't be able test it.

Well I've tried. No clue how to use git with this complexity.

Hey, don't worry about it. We all were beginners once :slight_smile:

Saw your pull request this morning, I shall review it once I get out of bed ...

Just for reference:

There does not seem to be any kind of activity on this pull request.