Timestamp on domains added to Whitelist or Blacklist

I just had an unusual experience.
I came across a need to install an app on my phone from the Google Play store.
I tried to open Google Play and couldn't
I used pihole -t from ssh and the command line to isolate the domain being blocked.
It was android.clients.google.com and that was familiar to me.
I thought I had that on my block list forever.
So did something change on my phone or on Google.
I have a OneNote notebook that I keep notes on blacklist and whitelist
My notes indicated that I had always added android.clients.google.com to my blacklists
There's a possibility my notes were wrong. (completely or partially)
When I went to Pi-hole I saw it in my blacklist but there was not date/timestamp
I could not tell if I added it recently, which was possible, or when I built the RPi to run Pi-Hole.

It would be nice to see a timestamp from when added a domain to the white or black lists.

Look in your debug log. For gravity.db entries date/time added and modified are both shown.

Implemented in v5.0 with mouse over.

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